War (Inside) Prod. by Grungy Boguez

by MP Ancient x Grungy Boguez

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First single off the upcoming album: No Expiration Date


War (inside) verse 1
There's a war going on inside that won't slide,
On both sides I see pain that drains lives,
Hear Cains cries, killing a brother is killing a mother,
throwing families in the gutter with the tears are all flushed from,
They get a rush from autos with the stutter , red tops full of butter,
But the strays always touch some,
Seven deadly in a sinners life man or mice dim the lights,
in the night or disconnect like Mennonites,
How many bullets got initials of their target price,
Target bargains ain't a sale if they don't mark it right,
And we been sold out sitting in the bargain bin,
Souls that they carving in, are satanic offerings,
So what you offering, war or the peace treaty,
And does it meet the needy or does it reek of Seedy.
They want to bang bang boogie to the war zone,
I'm from the state that Chiraq always calls home

No where to run, no where to hide, no where to go inside,
No one to help, it's you and I with in a moments time,
We seek the most high, with our cries, most die,
With our lives, we define, and re define, the war inside.

verse 2
Landmines using hand signs bands the double grand kind,
Double down the bet then double cross whoever jams mine,
The mentality then blame it on reality,
It's is what you make it so it's not a technicality,
We Wad in hell, to wait in the hell what a bait to sell,
Rape and take it well but you fake Chanel hate the smell,
Sitting back ain't an option when there's slaves at auction,
If you brave the coffin Homie you can take the offense,
It's a matter of my principles not whimsical,
I get my strength from Christ who strengthens I'm invincible,
Inside my mind it's Mogadishu with the pain to eat you,
It's the pain that beats you, also the lane teach you,
Learn the lessons from the past and every conflict,
Every campaign sharded started when the gong hits,
That's the blackout I'm armored up like armored trucks,
Not in the physical but spiritual alarming us,
Five a blazing in my heart, where the spirit Sparks,
But in the streets the only spark is when you hear it bark,
And when they screw the silencer you only hear the dart,
And that's the way that they can silence ya, so bear your heart
In these bombed out tenements, we graph the walls,
Because they trapped us all Krylon to mask it all,
Feel the detrimental sighs of the couldn't cry,
Because they couldn't fine piece from the war inside.


released June 23, 2016
Prod. By Grungy Boguez



all rights reserved


MP Ancient Quincy, Illinois

MP Ancient was was born & raised in the small Midwestern city of Quincy, Il. Not the normal hub for authentic Hip Hop music. Motion mastered his craft studying the Greats, (Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, & even very early influences like Grandmaster Caz.) & rocking every mic & stage he came a crossed. Music has been his passion since the late 80's. Modern Golden Era best describes his sound. ... more

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